Monday, August 19, 2013

Android's best visual novels

It's hard to find good visual novels for Android. I know, because I've played some awful ones. Thankfully, my sister Andrea has picked out three of her favorites in another guest post:

Visual Novels for Android

Combining the prose of a novella with the decision-making of a game, these are some of the best visual novels I’ve played recently:

Days of the Divine

Set in an ancient Asian-fantasy setting, ancient gods waken and you mediate their conflicts as a shrine maiden. Three vastly different endings, plot twists, and solid characters are accompanied by beautiful art and soundtrack. Available for Win, Mac, Linux, Android.


From the same developers, but with a completely different tone and theme, this visual novel has you take the part of an MMO character who thinks the game world is real. Funny and sweet.  Available for Win, Mac, Linux, Android.

a2 ~a due~ 

Polished, poignant visual novel about a young woman who’s forced to manage her father’s orchestra, with themes of overcoming language barriers and parental expectations. Available for Win, Mac, Linux, Android.