Wednesday, November 26, 2014

some Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney thoughts

I promised myself that I would actually take screenshots from a game I played and then make a blog post with them. I don't really feel like writing a coherent essay about it, but here are some screenshots and observations from Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney

They used a historical fighting stance! (img)

this trial... inspires her to sell flowers? I had some insight about it that I forgot.
If you're depending on a human being or set of humans to judge a court, logic isn't always the most persuasive thing.
the plot was weird 
Luke demonstrates that the first time you remember something is probably the most accurate, and further remembering actually changes the memory. I was kind of impressed to see this concept in a game, but they didn't go anywhere with it.
We are so tired of self-awareness that we need to be reassured it is fun in a meta-meta moment.
I enjoyed the game but it was basically half of a Prof. Layton game and half of an Ace Attorney game stuck together to make one game. I was hoping for a bit more synthesis of style, like with puzzles you'd have to solve to solve the court cases? No such luck. But it was still fun/ridiculous.