Friday, January 6, 2012

Funday Friday: Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment

Every Friday I'd like to highlight a short game. There's not really a language yet for shorter games ("browser game" seems inadequate), so let me know if you think of something better than "gamelette."

sorry this is just a screen capture and clicking will do nothing

Today's game is Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment. Not only can you learn a little about mythology, you can experience for yourself the sheer frustration of each punishment. All of them but Prometheus center around a frustrated goal, taken away at the last minute. Prometheus is a balance between prolonging the pain of having one's liver eaten and giving up.

These minigames (aha!) are different in that there is no way to win. They are an exercise in frustration, meant to be humorous. However, because of the title of the game, there is an expectation that the games will be torturous and unbeatable. So I think it shows that accurate player expectations are a good thing to have, especially when you are torturing players.


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this. I thought the series of minigames was really cool collection. They definitely, especially for Sisyphus, put me, through the frustration of the act, in the same shoes as the story protagonist himself. In that way, they really succeeded. (They also made me investigate Flixel, but that's another matter.)

    On a different topic, Google Reader tells me there was a post called "Academic Interludes" that doesn't seem to exist. If you do decide to do that, I'd be interested in having a conversation about it. I've been finding myself in the position of having academic papers that I wanted to talk about but knew that general access was a problem -- not everyone can use JSTOR.

  2. yeah, before I uh, dropped out of grad school I downloaded a bunch of articles about video games. I accidentally hit "publish" instead of "hyperlink," and then I felt embarrassed. But yes, that's a plan of mine!